What is Rent The Help?
Rent The Help is the source for all of your residential labor needs specializing in moving Labor, yard projects, & other general labor projects.
-We arrive uniformed & ready to work
-No project is too small
-All employees are background checked, bonded, & fully insured
-Affordable prices

Will I need to provide my helpers with equipment?
Since we perform a variety of tasks for our clients ranging from moving labor to weeding we are not able to keep up with the large amount of equipment. In essence we are sending you the extra help to finish your project.
*For moving jobs we do not provide pads, furniture dolly's, or other tools.

Are your helpers bonded and insured?
Yes, all Rent The Help employees are bonded & insured. At Rent The Help all of our Employees are covered under general liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

Why is it important that a person providing service on my property is insured?
If one of our helpers is injured while working on your property they are covered under Worker’s compensation. There will be no need to make a claim on your home owner’s Insurance policy.

How do you charge?
In order to insure you are only charged for the time our employees are working, all of our rates are billed hourly. Residential moving rates are $25 per hour/per employee or $50 per Hour for 2 employees. For any service other than moving our hourly bill rate is $23 per hour/ Per employee or $46 per hour for 2 employees.
The only additional charge(s) is a $10/$20 service charge. A $10 charge will be billed when Employees work at only one location. This is common for jobs around the yard & load or unload only moves. A $20 charge will be billed on jobs that require more than 1 location. This is typically when a move requires loading & unloading.
The service charge covers all travel expenses and insurance costs.

Can I tip my helpers?
We get this question all the time and always have the same answer. It’s completely up to you!

How do I pay?
You can either give a check to one of your helpers upon completion of the job, or simply Contact our office upon completion of the job to submit payment.

Do I have to pay a deposit?
Effective August 1, 2013 there will be a $29 deposit on every job. This deposit must be paid in order to guarantee your desired date.

Do you provide estimates?
While it is nearly impossible to provide exact estimates since all of our estimates our done Over the phone we are typically fairly accurate. The more information you give us the better!

If you have any other questions feel free to contact our office at 804-249-9024.