Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Appliance Care

Stay out of the Splash Zone!

Something we often forget about before a move is our appliances, and it is important that we remember to care for them. Forgetting to drain or defrost your appliances could result in getting the inside of your packed truck very wet and could ruin your furniture. Follow these easy steps to make sure your appliances are ready to roll the day you move!

Defrosting your refrigerator/freezer
  1. Simply unplug your appliance 24-48 hours to properly defrost.
  2. Take out your food! For things you want to keep, place in a cooler, toss everything else.
  3. Place newspaper or old towels underneath your appliance to absorb melted ice.
  4. Most appliances have a drain hose, you may want to put a large bucket to catch runoff water.
  5. After everything is disconnected, open the doors and prop them open, this will speed up the defrosting process.
  6. Take a towel and wipe up any leftover water inside your appliance and you’re good to go!
Draining your washing machine
  1. Make sure you turn off and unplug your washer.
  2. Turn off the water from the wall.
  3.  Disconnect your hoses from the wall and place them in a bucket.
  4. Unhook your drain out hose from the wall (these usually just pull right out).
  5. Place a couple towels at the bottom of the washer, and give it a little tilt. Place something underneath the front end to prop it up. This allows the water to drain out the back.
  6. You will be able to hear any extra water moving around inside. If you can’t get it out, wait for the movers to get there and have them bring it outside at the beginning of the job and lay it down on its back to allow it to drain while they are working.

Remember that by taking care of your appliances and making sure they are properly drained, you are preventing potential damage to the truck and your furniture, saving you money and a headache. All appliances are different, so refer to your owner’s manual for more specific instruction on your particular make and model.

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