Monday, December 29, 2014

New Years Resolutions

Now, we all know New Years resolutions can be very hard to stick with. People tend to get overly ambitions and consequently overwhelmed. More often than not, we've given up by the time February rolls around. So this year, why not commit to the over all idea of getting your house cleaned, but make it easier on yourself by completing one task a month. Choose 12 different problem areas in  your home and give each one it's own month, or follow the guide below  and by 2016 your house will be in perfect shape!

Monthly Housework Resolutions 2015:

Organize papers. Shred or recycle paper. Set up 12 folders for monthly planning and filing. Use a filing system to plan ahead with birthday cards, coupons, recipes, holiday ideas and more. As each month ends, you can use the folder for notes of things to remember next year or for receipts to save.
Organize clothes. Pare down what we own and only keep in our closets what we actually wear. Sort clothes in closet by color or type. Invest in new hangers to make the best use of closet space.
Organize computer files. Create desktop folders, organize documents and back up important files to an external hard drive.
Organize accounting system and budgets. It’s time to organize bill paying paperwork and systems, and assess the budget and plans for the new tax year.
Organize the kitchen. Which dishes have we used in the past year? Toss out old spices, clean out the refrigerator and pantry. Assess the condition of the kitchen towels and aprons. Keep items you use and love, and give away the rest! Unless you have a lot of storage space in your kitchen, items you only use seasonally should be organized by season and put in storage. Wipe down all shelves and surfaces.
Organize and clean garage and storage. It’s time to find the excess that’s been hiding out in the garage or storage space! Give away or sell what you don’t need. Reorganize and sweep out storage spaces.
Organize kid’s toys, clothes and keepsakes. Set aside one box to store favorite memories, one box for toys to give away and one box for clothes that no longer fit. If your kids are grown and out of the house, reclaim space for yourself by decluttering their old items and sending them their mementos to store at their own homes.
Sort and organize linens, bedrooms and bathrooms. Toss or give away excess or worn out linens, and pare down or replace only the essentials for each bedroom and bathroom. Clean out under sinks and toss out old medications, cleaning supplies or cosmetics. Tidy up nightstands and dressers.
Organize photos. Delete blurry photos. Back up photos on your computer to an external or online storage system. Print out photos for gifts, albums or Christmas cards this year.
Organize for the holidays. What do you want your holidays to look like this year? Make plans for hosting parties, entertaining or family get-togethers. Gather new addresses for holiday cards. Save favorite ideas, recipes and plans in a holiday folder or notebook. Organize and pare down holiday decor to what you love.
Organize hobbies and crafts. This month as you are crafting or spending more time indoors, assess and organize craft supplies. Pare down to what you need and use. Make a few handmade gifts to use up some favorite crafts! Organize or toss out wrinkled or old gift wrap and tags.
It’s time for house cleaning and preparing for holidays. Spend a few days at the beginning of December deep-cleaning your house and setting up guest rooms or bathrooms for visitors. Clean the oven. Set up a wrapping station for gifts. Restock your baking supplies and set up a baking station so you can enjoy holiday goodies and make treats to give away.

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Fabulous Decorations Fast!

So the relatives are coming and maybe your house isn't quite looking as festive as you hoped. The holidays are hectic and maybe  you neglected to deck your halls. Real Simple has a bunch of five minute holiday decorating ideas that will help you in a pinch. The in-laws will be dazzled by your decor and no one will ever guess it only took you five minutes to toss together!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Garlands Galore

Holiday garlands are a great way to add pizzazz to your porch or glitz to your tree but maybe your traditional Evergreen adornments just are not cutting in anymore. There is hope! Martha Stewart has  13 beautiful, DIY garland ideas that are sure to dazzle your guests this holiday season!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Fun Holiday Decorations!

There is nothing more exciting than decorating for the holiday season but maybe you feel like your ornaments just aren't as spectacular and your lights just aren't as twinkling as in years past. Southern Living has created a list of 101 fresh, festive decorating tips to take your decorating to the next level! Start decking those halls!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Perfect Tree Lighting!

It's that time of the year again! Time to deck the halls and string up those lights! But, how exactly do you light the perfect Christmas tree? Follow these three easy steps and you can make any tree shine like the one at Rockefeller Center!

  1. Divide the tree vertically into three sections and string lights by section.
  2. Plug the lights in before you begin, to weed out defective strands. Leave them plugged in as you place them so you can spot dark spaces in the tree.
  3. Beginning at the bottom, weave each string in and out of the branches, to the top of the tree and back.
By going from top to bottom instead of around, you're creating a net of lights that will glow brightly the whole holiday season!

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Properly Pack Your Closet!

The closet is the one space in the house that we tend to forget. Every day we keep adding to its contents, then quickly close the door and leave it for that magical day when we'll finally get around to cleaning it out. Well, that day has arrived! You're moving and it's time to throw open that door and unveil exactly what you've been keeping in roll up those sleeves and get ready!

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: No set time.
Here's How:
  1. Remove everything from the closet and I mean, everything! Don't sort it yet, just move it out into the middle of the room or hallway.
  2. Now, after you've removed everything, grab a bucket, cleaner and a sponge, mop or whatever cleaning tool you have on hand. Completely clean it from top to bottom. Dust the shelves, scrub the floor (or vacuum) and wash the walls. It's probably been a long time since this closet has been so thoroughly cleaned.
  3. While the closet is drying and you're enjoying the fresh smell that replaced the dingy, dusty one, start sorting the contents. Place them into piles of "keep" and "don't keep". You can even go a step further and sort the "don't keep" into a sell or donate pile.
  4. Place all the donate or sell objects in separate bags or bins and set them in a place where they will be out of the way, but not forgotten.
  5. Look at the items that you decided to keep. Go through each one to make sure you'll use it again. If you're hesitating, add it to the "donate/sell" pile. The things you want to keep, organize by type and select the appropriate sized boxes. For example, you may want to pack all the shoes into one medium-size box. Label the box with the contents and which closet it came from, i.e., "hall closet" or "bedroom closet".
  6. For clothing, use large-sized boxes and carefully fold clothes before placing them inside. For ease of unpacking, keep items on hangers and simply fold them into the box. Make sure you don't pack too much into one box. Clothing can become heavy.

  1. Keep Pile: To decide if an item should be kept or tossed, ask yourself how often you've worn or used the item in the last year. For clothing, you should've worn it at least 2 times to warrant keeping it.
  2. Donate Pile: Items that you haven't used or are unlikely to use and are still in good shape, add them to the donate pile. Make sure the items aren't ripped or stained. If they are, they should be put in the garbage or made into cleaning cloths. Don't waste a charity's time by donating unusable items. 
  3. Sell Pile: These may be items that you know you could fetch some money for, things that you can imagine someone else using. Take clothing to consignment stores. Household items can be sold on eBay or in a garage sale.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday, November 3, 2014


           Delightful is a great adjective, especially when applied to the Rent The      Help's services. We are proud to boast that over half our customers were   delighted with the work that we did and the help we provided. Don't worry, we                                                    think you're equally lovely :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Moving Timeline Checklist

A successful move does not happen over-night. There are months of tireless planning involved; lots of calls to make, services to switches, and boxes to pack. It can be hard to keep track on what exactly needs to be done when. Use these checklists as a guideline and your move will run smoothly!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hosting a Yard Sale!

Is there a better way to get rid of junk from that pre-move purge than a yard sale?! A yard sale not only generates a little revenue to cover moving expenses, but it also is a fast and easy way to get a lot of unnecessary items. With very little effort all your old things are out of your hair and have a new home with people that will actually make use of them!

Here's what you'll need:

  • Markers for pricing.
  • Duct tape and heavy paper or cardboard for signs.
  • Plastic and paper bags.
  • A change box with lots of quarters, $1 and $5 bills.
  • Plastic tarps, folding tables and boxes to display merchandise.
  • Friends to help out (bribe them with beer and pizza.)
And here's how to host a great yard sale:
Have a yard sale on a weekend or holiday. Saturdays are generally the best days for Yard Sales, especially when the weather is good. Whatever doesn't sell Saturday you can always haul back out on Sunday morning. Memorial Day weekend and other summer holidays are also popular.
Team up and have a neighborhood sale. Yard sales are enticing alone, but when a yard sale becomes more of a flea market, it’s hard to not stop.
There are two ways to do this. You can each have separate, neighboring sales. On the other hand you can consolidate the sale into one big sale. Designate one “checkout” table and mark all items with price tags color coded for each house. When a shopper buys an item, take the tag off and stick it to a piece of paper marked for the house selling the item. At the end of the day add up each house’s profits and distribute the cash accordingly.
Remember to advertise your yard sale. A couple days before the sale, go around the neighborhood and post signs and flyers on lampposts and at key intersections. By the way, masking tape doesn't stick very well to lampposts, so use duct tape to post signs.
Also write up a simple ad to let people know about the event. Local newspapers often have local event or classified ads that are free or cheap. In the limited space you should list the simple where and when. Online listing sites are also very popular. For online ads that allow more space, entice anyone looking for a yard sale by listing any popular garage items you have.
Start your yard sale early. If you're serious about selling as much as you can, place a classified ad in your local paper; most have a listing of weekend sales. There are yard sale pros who read these weekly, who will show up early to cart away the best bargains.
Offer refreshments to shoppers. Buy a few different cases of soda and bottled water and some pre-packaged snacks and sell them for a reasonable price. Browsing yard sales in the sun can accelerate and amplify the symptoms of dehydration causing grumpy shoppers and screaming children. Refresh them and they might just buy more while they have their wallets out.
Remember yard sales are for bargain hunters. Be prepared to accept a fraction of what you paid for things, especially clothing. Yard sale shoppers generally won't pay above the $1-$10 range for clothes, no matter how much you paid. If you have several high-ticket items to sell, consider bringing it to a consignment store where you'll get more than just a couple of bucks for each item. You can look for Consignment stores in your local Yellow Pages.
The same holds true for books. Expect to get $.25 to $1 for paperbacks and $2 to $5 for hardcover books.
To get a better feel for what sells and how to price, check out a couple of yard sales in your neighborhood ahead of time.
Clean up after the sale. List larger things you don't sell on an online classified ads site like If they still don't sell, try again with a lower price or even free. For smaller items, offer a curb alert online and let passersby pick the items they want. If you have a lot of children’s’ clothing or similar items, bag them and offer one "bulk" price.
You can also easily donate any unsold and unwanted items. Many thrift shops have convenient drop-off locations and some even come to pick up your charitable items, a great idea when the item is a large piece of furniture.
And after the big event, remember to remove and dispose of your signs and flyers. Don't leave the neighborhood in a trail of clutter.
Last but not least, have fun! Play some music and enjoy the sun with friends and family.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday, October 6, 2014

What to pack very last!

12 Things to Pack Last 

Things you will want to have around for the move:

  1. Extension cords, batteries. Everything's electric these days it seems. Computers, CD-players, your Walkman, all those little gizmos you just can't seem to live without. So it just makes sense to keep that extension cord or pack of new batteries right on top and within easy reach.
  2. Tools. We're talking hammers and screwdrivers, nails and screws, scotch tape, duct tape and especially, a tape measure.
  3. A bottle opener and glasses. Thirst always seems to come first -particularly if you have to lug that stuff by yourself. Dehydration is a sneaky beast, so be prepared.
  4. Snacks, pizza or fast food coupons. You're going to work up a hunger so think about treating yourself to a quick bite or a night out at Mickey D's.
  5. Address book or PDA. Keep those important telephone numbers handy.
  6. Cell phone  -put these within easy reach. There's always potential for an emergency.
  7. Sufficient cash. Duh...but if you're opening a new bank account you may have to wait for your first check to clear. Traveler's checks wouldn't hurt either.
  8. A copy of your lease and personal ID such as a driver's license. And speaking of banking, if you're starting a new checking account (or applying for utilities service) you'll need proof of your new address too.
  9. Cleaning materials. Especially paper towels -accidents do happen.
  10. Light bulbs, a small lamp (perhaps a flashlight). It may be dark when you finally move in.
  11. Alarm clock. You don't want to miss your first day at school, right?
  12. Box cutter. Don't pack this puppy at all! It's the first thing you'll need to open your packages.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Got Clutter? - Part 3

Attitude is everything. This is especially true with cleaning and de-cluttering. Neither is a task  you want to spend any time doing, but both are essential. Here are a few easy ways to see cleaning in a more positive light and to make keeping your house tidy a breeze:

Habits and Attitudes

  1. Learn to travel light. That way, a) you don’t have as much to carry, and b) you don’t have as big a bag to store in your house when you’re not traveling.
  2. Close the circle. This takes a little discipline — ok, a lot of discipline — but if you can build the habit of always seeing every act through to its logical end every time, it will prevent a lot of clutter. In practical terms, this means that every time you use something, you follow through until that thing is back where it started from: eat a bowl of cereal, wash the bowl, dry it, and put it back on the shelf. Our lives tend to be built up out of a lot of little “incompletions” that lead to clutter; if you can break that habit and see see things all the way through, you’ll find a lot more improves than just your clutter situation. 
  3. Clean one room or area a day. This is less daunting than cleaning the whole house, and gives you a clear goal, instead of the “one-more-thing” syndrome that strikes when you get a mind to “do some cleaning”. 
  4. Find the clutter “focal point” of each room and keep it clean. In the bedroom, make the bed and keep it clear; in the kitchen, don’t store anything in the sink. If these focal points are clean, the room will seem less cluttered. 
  5. Give it away. Make a habit of taking regular trips to the Goodwill or other donation center to give away excess stuff, and make sure that when that day comes, you’ve got a full load of stuff to get rid of. 
  6. One in, one out. Make a habit of throwing out, selling, or giving away something for every new thing you bring into the house. For example, when you buy a new pair of shoes, get rid of your least favorite.  Variation: One in, TWO Out! 
  7. Use “deep storage” wisely. Pack up things that you’re not going to use and store them — don’t keep stuff out when you are unlikely to ever need it. 
  8. Don’t shop “recreationally”. Go shopping for the things you need, not to kill time or “just to look”. Avoid succumbing to temptation by avoiding temptation itself! 
  9. Never put anything on top of anything smaller than it is. For example, never put a newspaper on top of a small book or your keys. You’ll lose less stuff that way. 
  10. Don’t make piles. Ever. 

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Got Clutter? - Part 2

Having an office just adds to the clutter of your house sometimes. It's important to  remain as neat as possible for efficiency's sake, you don't want to lose that report you've been working on for weeks in a mess of papers! These are a few tips to help you keep your work-space in working condition.

Bills and Business

  1. Set up a scanner and a shredder next to each other. Incoming mail goes into the scanner and then –unless you need it for your records — straight into the shredder. 
  2. Sort mail as it comes in. Trash it, file it, respond to it, or take action on it — don’t let it build up. 
  3. Go paperless. Scan all your important paperwork and store it on your computer. File only the papers you absolutely need hard copies of. 
  4. Set up your bills to be due all on the same day. Most utilities will let you shift your payment date, though you will usually have to make up a month-plus the first time after the change. 
  5. Use chip clips to hold related papers together. 
  6. Put all your "work" work on your desk and “do as you clean”. When you’re done, the desk is clean — a great motivator for people who like a clean desk. 
  7. Auto-pay everything. 
  8. Scan business cards as you get them. 
  9. Make a nice box for receipts and put new receipts in it every night when you get home. Sort your receipts on a regular basis, or this will overflow and become yet another source of clutter. 
  10. Convert a closet into an office. With a little creativity, even a tiny closet can be transformed into a functional space — and when you’re done, close the door to hide the mess. 

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Got Clutter? - Part 1

Keeping a house in pristine condition is tough. Some days, no matter what you do, it seems like you are constantly cleaning this and that. Here are a bunch of fun tips and tricks to free up your time for the more enjoyable things in life:

General Household Tips

  1. Hide a cluttered bookshelf with a spring-loaded curtain rod and a set of curtains. 
  2. Use filing cabinets for a TV stand.
  3. Use clear plastic shoe-boxes to store knick-knacks and other odds and ends. 
  4. Organize your house by task so that the things most relevant to each job are where you’re most likely to use them. This might be obvious for things like laundry and crafts, but what about a mail station, homework area, or just storing linens in the laundry room? 
  5. Figure out where things normally get dropped and set up an appropriate place for them as close as possible to that point. This will improve the chance that they’ll end up where they belong, and decrease the distance the things that don’t make it home have to go to be put back. 
  6. Label it! Labeling is not just for file folders – get a label-maker (or several) and keep it handy all around the house. Kitchen shelves, storage containers, bookshelves, coat racks — there are millions of places where a smart label can forestall endless amounts of clutter. My variation of clear shoe-box idea above (#3) is to use plastic pencil boxes for all manner of tiny stuff; they lock slightly to make tidy stacks on my shelves, and a lovely label on the front keeps everything instantly accessible. 
  7. Designate a “launchpad”. This is an area in your house, preferably near the door, where coats, jackets, shoes, backpacks, purses, keys, and everything else you need to find easily next time you leave the house stays. Think of it a transition-zone between outside and inside — almost like an airlock. 
  8. Set up a “bucket” at your “launchpad (a milk crate, basket, or an actual bucket) for each person “. 
  9. Use a 4-tier “Stadium Rack” for spices, allowing you to always see everything easily without taking up much space. 
  10. Set up “clutter bags” in every room. Keep a reusable shopping bag — there are plenty of attractive ones available for super-cheap these days — in every room; when stuff from elsewhere around the house starts building up, throw it into the clutter bag until you can sort it out. 
  11. Store trashbags inside the trash can, under the current liner. That way, you (or whoever takes the trash out) have a fresh bag handy every single time. 
  12. Set up a shared online calendar between you and your partner, and allow access to your close family, child-care providers, and anyone else who might need to know where you are at any given moment — or what events are coming up that they might need to plan for. 
  13. Use behind-the-door shoe holders for storage of tiny or awkward stuff. The cloth kind have 20 or so pockets that are ideal for craft supplies, cleaning products, tools, and office materials. 
  14. Take care of dishes immediately after meals. 
  15. Run the dishwasher frequently. Large households often never get to that mythical state where the clean dishes are put away, the dirty ones are in the dishwasher, and nothing is stacked up in the sink. Modern dishwashers are designed to detect the size of the load, so there’s no reason to wait until the washer is full to run your dishes. 
  16. Take pictures of sentimental objects before giving them away or throwing them out. Like that T-shirt from that concert you want to when you were 20 years younger and 3 sizes smaller. You know you won’t ever wear it again, but hold onto it because of the memories. 
  17. Set up a library/rental box. Store your library books and rented videos in a box in your living room or other place near where you’ll use them, and keep your library cards and video rental cards there as well. That way, you’ll always be reminded if anything’s due when you go to collect your rental cards. 
  18. Color-code your family. Assign a color to everyone in the house, and buy everything for them in that color: towels, toothbrushes, cups, water bottles, lunch boxes, slippers, whatever. 
  19. Keep your “go bag” in the car. For example, all the stuff for family outings (aside from food) can be stored in the truck, freeing up space in the house and keeping it with you for spontaneous fun time. 
  20. Use an accordion organizer to sort kids’ project paper. Sort by color and/or type of paper. 
  21. Use bed risers to increase the space under your bed. 
  22. Use drawers, not counters, for storing bathroom stuff.  Or keep all your toiletries in one box or basket on the counter — easy to move for cleaning the counter. 
  23. Use a cork-board and pushpins to hang jewelry. Keeps everything visible but out of the way.
  24. Use a travel jewelry organizer that goes over a hangar. Also keeps jewelry visible and out of the way — and thieves aren't likely to look for your jewelry among your hung clothes. 
  25. Keep a basket by the stairs and add out-of-place items to it. When the basket’s full, take it upstairs and put everything away.
  26. Fill a box with stuff you’re unsure of and pack it for a year. Make sure you put the date on the outside. If you don’t use anything in the box for an entire year, you don’t need it and can get rid of it. 
  27. Put a whiteboard in your garage where you’ll see it when you come home and when you get ready to leave. Put to-do lists, reminders, and other important information on it. 
  28. Find creative uses for containers. For example, ice cube trays are great for storing all sorts of tiny objects — any they stack easily. 
  29. Keep a rack by the door for keys. But make sure they’re not visible from the front door/window. 
  30. Pull bookshelves out slightly to hide cords for gadgets in the back. 

Courtesy of: Dustin Wax at Life Hack (

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


At Rent The Help, we strive to provide you with the best possible service every single job that we do. Our main goals: service with a smile and happy, professional helpers. We take a huge amount of pride in knowing over half of our past customers see unprecedented value in our performance.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Packing Household Goods

Face it, you have a lot of things. But when it comes time to pack for a move, what do you do with it all? After your initial purge, when you're down to only what you want to keep, reality sets in; how am I going to carefully and successfully transport all this!? These check-lists will help with guidelines on how to pack your essential household items. Print them off to use as you pack!

Monday, August 18, 2014

33 Genius Moving Tips- Part 3

This week carries our final installment of 33 Genius Moving Tips. Here are the final 11: 

23. If you have a lot of fragile valuables, hiring movers (like your friends here at Rent The Help) as opposed to asking friends can end up paying for itself. 
24. Always use Rent The Help for your loading, unloading and furniture arranging needs.
25. If you’re renting, take photos of your cleaned-out old home and your new home before moving in.
26. Fill the nail holes in your previous home with a bar of soap.
27. If you’re doing a cross-country move and you don’t need your stuff immediately, consider shipping via Greyhound.
28. Change your address at least two weeks prior to moving.
29. If you own items that you want to get rid of but are too valuable to just give away, start selling on eBay, Etsy, or Craigslist at least 6 weeks before moving.
30. Arrange for a charity organization to come pick up the items you don’t want at least a week or two before moving.
31. Make your last grocery trip two weeks prior to moving.
32. For same-city moves, hire a sitter for the children and pets.
33. Remember to defrost your refrigerator at least a day before moving and wipe up any liquid.

Hopefully, over the past few weeks you've picked up a couple of neat, useful tricks to help your transition to be as seamless as possible. And always remember, we're here to help any time! 

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Monday, August 11, 2014

33 Genius Moving Tips- Part 2

In continuation of our epic list of moving tips...

12. Buy a roll of stretch wrap.
13. Keep sandwich bags handy for holding any small 
parts of things you have to take apart, like curtain rods or mounted flat-screen TVs.
14. Beer boxes are the best for books because they have handles on the sides.
15. Take a photo of how your electronics are connected so you can remember how and where all the wires go.
16. Cut down on boxes by making all of your baskets, laundry bins, hampers, and suitcases work for you.
17. The fastest way to pack a closet:

18. Vacuum seal your out-of-season clothing.
19. Along with food and alcohol, give your friends who help you move first dibs on anything you originally planned to sell or donate.
20. Make sure everything is completely packed before your friends show up to help you move.
21. Enlist the color-coding system.
22. It doesn't hurt to number your boxes.

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Monday, August 4, 2014

33 Genuis Moving Tips- Part 1

When moving, it's helpful to know as many shortcuts as possible. You want the most seamless move possible, right?! Here are a bunch of helpful tips to make the transition painless:

1. Pack an overnight bag containing all the essentials.
2. Pack the items you will need FIRST in a clear plastic bin.
3. Wrap your breakables (dishes, glasses, etc.) in clothing to save on bubble wrap.
4. For extra padding, pack your glasses and stemware in clean socks.
5. In addition to labeling what’s in your boxes, add what room they’ll be going into, as well.
6. If you can, show up to your new home before the move and pre-clean the bathroom and kitchen.
7. Place an extra cotton pad or ball into your powder cosmetics to keep them from breaking
8. Cover the openings of your toiletries with saran wrap, then put the tops back on.
9. Pack plates vertically, like records. They’ll be less likely to break.
10. Keep drawers intact by covering them with Press’n Seal.
11. Press’n Seal is also great for keeping jewelry displays intact.

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Monday, July 21, 2014


 Some of our best customers have come from word-of- mouth recommendations. Those of you who were especially pleased with our services are more than willing to pass our information along and we are very appreciative of that. According our follow-up survey, over 95% of all  past customers would be either likely or very likely to speak favorably of us and the work we do!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Customer Satisfaction!

Needless to say, happy customers make for a happy business. We're always delighted to work with you, and it's wonderful to know you're equally delighted in the work that we do! Here are a few reviews from a those of  you that thought our guys did an exceptional job:

  "The four men sent to assist us performed better than I could have expected. The extend of my gratitude cant be summed in a short comment box. I plan on calling the owner to express my gratitude for the work performed." -John M.

    "Rent The Help representatives were great. They were very professional and work diligently to make sure all of my items were loaded and unloaded properly and in a timely manner. They get an A+ rating from me. The company overall communicated great and went over everything I needed to know regarding pricing and there policies. Getting a reservation was a breeze. I'd definitely use them again and am happy to tell others." -Romnia B.

    "Rent the Help guys were excellent! Extremely professional and work very hard! Never felt like I needed to ask more of them. Super polite and can't wait to use them again!" -Perkins M.

    "We used Rent The Help twice, to move out of one home and to move into another, on two different days. On both occasions, the gentlemen were exceptionally hard working, careful with our belongings, and absolutely worth EVERY PENNY! We were delighted with the service and will, without a doubt, use the service again. I would readily recommend Rent The Help to anyone who is planning to move. Outstanding!" - Kerry F.

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Rent The Help guys in action!

Here are a few photos from recent jobs. These are some of the men providing you with superior moving help!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

1,000 Happy Customers!

Recently we completed our 1,000th job and coincidentally, received our first, hand-written thank-you card that same week! We love to hear that our guys are doing an exceptional job.

Feel free to share your own stories with us as well!

Monday, June 30, 2014


Here at Rent the Help, you, the customer, drive our business. Without you, we would have no one to help! In an effort to provide  the best service we possibly can, we have established a blog. As a supplement to our social media presence, this blog will contain updates on how business is going, special promotions, and any other fun moving stories.

Feel free to subscribe and check back periodically too keep updated on all that is going on with your friends at Rent the Help!